Sherpa camera specifies 360 Vision Technology

Sherpa camera specifies 360 Vision Technology

Pole climbing ‘Sherpa’ camera specifies 360 Vision Technology

UK based Excelerate Group, has selected the 360 Vision Technology ‘Predator’ all-in-one PTZ camera, as a primary surveillance component for the company’s revolutionary ‘Sherpa’ pole climbing rapid deploy camera solution.

An easy-to-use, fully portable, automatic climbing camera and communications system, the Sherpa rapid deployment device can be set-up and installed within minutes, to provide immediate, high-quality CCTV surveillance coverage.

Particularly useful for temporary surveillance coverage at incident hotspots, or to extend coverage across an existing operational area, Sherpa is designed to automatically ‘climb’ vertically up any 75mm-225mm diameter fixed pole/lamp post, without the need for specialised tools, equipment or installation. It can be operated locally using a simple remote control unit, or integrated into an existing camera network.

Delivering high levels of performance, the Sherpa system does not require expensive and time-consuming support infrastructure, such as cherry-pickers or access platforms for its deployment. When designing the product with its multitude of potential applications, Excelerate turned to their long-term technical partners 360 Vision, to obtain the most effective camera solution. Looking to utilise a camera with high-performance and low power consumption, the flexible Predator camera was chosen to meet the demands of the Sherpa product, being available in a variety of camera/control combinations, including Analogue, Infrared, High Definition and Thermal – enhancing the number of Sherpa solution options available.

With the Sherpa solution being powered by a rechargeable battery, video can be recorded locally or remotely, while data can be transmitted to a control unit, or transmitted directly to a control room for maximum flexibility and integration to hardwired/permanent systems.

“Providing operators with a high-level of ROI, Sherpa has already proven to be successful across a multitude of applications, including ANPR, deterring anti-social behaviour, the monitoring of emergency situations, prison security, fly tipping, and public order events,”

says David Savage, founder, Chairman & CEO of Excelerate Group.

“With 360 Vision camera technology at its heart, Sherpa is providing an excellent solution as a visual deterrent and for gathering critical surveillance information in applications across the world.”

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