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Professional Security Ireland

Professional Security Ireland

There is a new blog site for the Irish security industry called Professional Security and is referred to as Professional Security Ireland. The aim of the site is to give security professionals from across Ireland access to relevant updates and news from across the industry.

The sorts of things discussed will range from what’s in the mainstream press (including terrorism) through to product updates, people moves, latest security technology, professional security training, professional security conferences, professional security exhibitions in Ireland or of relevance to the Irish professional security community.

For too long there has not been a voice for the Irish security professional and there has been too much reliance on information being fed from the USA or Britain without it being properly focused on the needs of Ireland.

The terrorist issue; mainly focused in the North but with far reaching tentacles throughout the Republic has dominated security on the island of Ireland for many years. This cancer has transitioned into greater links with organised crime and has in recent weeks seen shootings on the streets of Dublin. Many of the lessons learned form Irish terrorism can be applied to dealing other extremist groups.

What the world fails to recognise is the critical part Ireland plays in international business with the likes of Dell and Google headquartered here. In recent years, Security industry representation has grown with Tyco moving its headquarters from the USA to Ireland because of the favourable tax regime.

This has drawn some interesting comments from candidates in the current US Presidential race.

Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton said in a statement, “I have a detailed and targeted plan to immediately put a stop to inversions and invest in the U.S., block deals like Johnson Controls and Tyco, and place an ‘exit tax’ on corporations that leave the country to lower their tax bill.”

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, Clinton’s opponent for the Democratic Presidential nomination, also criticised the deal, calling it a disaster for American taxpayers. Others saw it as an opportunity to also highlight what they argue are the weaknesses of the U.S. tax system.

The bottom line is that clearly there is a real confidence not just in the Security Market but in Ireland as a base for it.

So to help our friends at Professional Security Ireland they are looking for good stories related to the Irish professional security market. Feel free to send them to copy (at) and visit their site at:

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