Osirium at IP EXPO and at the RANT

Osirium at IP EXPO and at the RANT

Osirium at IP EXPO and at the RANT

What are the odds of an attack on your IT systems? With high-profile attacks in the news right now, it’s easy to think of securing your business in terms of firewalls and intrusion detection. Of course, this is all vital, but the truth is that the majority of loss-incurring attacks are launched from within your organisation. In fact, 99.8% of all cyberattacks targeted privileged accounts. If this was a game, we’d be betting on this being your greatest risk.

Here at Osirium we have a simple solution: a product that separates people from passwords. This means that staff and third parties never get to know or even be able to intercept the credentials to the privileged accounts they use.

Think of Osirium as a high speed proxy: users arrive and have their identity confirmed. Then they get a display of which systems they can access at what times. If a user selects a system (or application or device) in a live time window they are automatically signed in to the remote system with the right account.

This means that we can manage our privileged accounts quickly and effectively, with Osirium issuing super-strong, super-long passwords. We can have multiple people use the same privileged account and still know who did what where and when with session recordings.

Osirium separate people from passwords. We look after all the privileged account credentials using enterprise class password management. We map your users identity to roles on systems, devices and applications. We prevent privileged accounts from leaking. If there aren’t passwords available to users then they cannot be Keylogged, RAM scraped or Phished. Come and see us.

We are also presenting at the RANT Event at IP EXPO, a informal forum for industry professionals to discuss and debate pressing issues within the IT sector. Our Head of Engineering Andy Harris will be presenting: CyberSnipers: Don’t give them a clear shot. Discussing how attacks are becoming far more sophisticated and yield much higher success rates.

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