Ogier Electronics Scan-360 protecting Dutch building sites

Ogier Electronics Scan-360 protecting Dutch building sites

Ogier Electronics Scan-360 protecting Dutch building sites

Ogier Electronics Scan-360 protecting Dutch building sitesThe Scan-360 advanced radar based detection sensor from Ogier Electronics Ltd is now fully integrated with the SiteRadar mobile surveillance system providing 24/7 security at building sites, wind farms and storage compounds throughout Holland.

The integrated solution combines the Scan-360 Radar, 360 Vision Technology Predator camera, Site Radar software and 4g transmission with local recording, alarm integration and battery backup to provide a truly bespoke mobile platform. With an operational range of 200 metres covering an area of 125,000 square metres the solution detects movement of people and vehicles in all weathers. On detection the camera is automatically directed to the object and displays the image perfectly day or night.

Marco and Erwin, co-founders of SiteRadar, said:

“The key to detect and prevent crime economically is the driving force behind the solution. After several months of testing and proving camera and radar technology, Ogier Electronics together with their technology partner 360Vision Technology not only provided superior equipment but also unrivalled technical support in making our vision a reality.”

Mark Rainbow, Marketing Director of Ogier Electronics, said:

“It’s great to be working with strategic partners to develop their ideas into low cost detection solutions which match defined requirements from customer engagement.”

He continued:

“It is too easy to develop technology that we believe our customers want, the secret is to listen, develop technical partnerships and provide technology that is focused on the customers requirements and I believe that’s what we have achieved with Site Radar.”

Site Radar have developed their own secure web-based software, utilising the speed, bearing and range output from the radar. The software GUI Interface allows the operator to view targets in real-time on a full feature map.

The fully featured software package with its advanced algorithms, sensitivity and clutter settings enable the installer or operator to define the active detected area over 36 zones, reducing the possibility of false alarms caused by trees, small animals or nearby roads. Each zone can be configured for multi-level cause and effect operations depending on who receives the alarm – operator, supervisor or security manager.

Ogier Electronics Scan-360 protecting Dutch building sites

Why Radar? Radar offers improved detection over PIR sensors because unlike PIR sensors, which measure heat within a zone, the radar can detect bearing, range, speed and amplitude of an object. Imagine the radar as a search light, lighting up a large area including the background; whereas the PIR sensor can only detect the heat source and therefore does not show what could be behind the target.

Ogier Electronics design and manufacture microwave technology for the security, transport and broadband sectors.

Scan-360 and their perimeter protection sensors are used in CCTV systems across the UK, Europe, Middle East, Asia and America – primarily to monitor fence lines and movement of people and vehicles in areas such as remote utility installations, data centres, solar farms, building compounds and Government buildings.

For further information on the range visit www.scan-360.co.uk.

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