Mobotix Wireless Solution is protecting shoppers at Forum Bornova in Izmir

Mobotix Wireless Solution is protecting shoppers at Forum Bornova in Izmir

Mobotix Wireless Solution is protecting shoppers at Forum Bornova in Izmir

Decentralised video, improved image quality and wireless flexibility helps to secure Izmir’s most popular shopping centre

As Turkey’s third largest city, Izmir is home to almost 3 million people and a prosperous trade hub in part to its busy port. The city also boasts several large shopping centres of which Forum Bornova with a large well-known furniture store and multi-screen cinema complex has proven popular with locals and tourists alike.

The centre opened in 2006 with space for 128 shops covering a floor space of 60,000m² with 3000 car parking spaces.

At launch, the site was equipped with an analogue CCTV system but as technology has advanced, the centre started looking for a new solution better suited to its busy environment. For Multi, the shopping centre management company that looks after Forum Bornova for the owners CRI, this meant issuing a competitive tender for a new video surveillance system. The key criteria was a high quality and easy to use system able to monitor the shopping centres common spaces and especially the car parking area where it was difficult to accurately make out the model and licence plate of vehicles as they entered the site.

As Ilhan Dikçe, operations executive for Multi explains:

“We needed the ability to identify vehicles at parking lot entry points and obtain high-quality images both day and night but we were also keen to gain additional advantages through advanced technology.”

Through the request for proposal, Multi talked to a number of solution providers including Mikroport, a highly regarded systems specialist with a number of successful retail sector projects. Mikroport proposed an innovative solution utilising a combination of MOBOTIX cameras with advanced analytics to generate alarms based on certain detection criteria.

A Flexible Wireless Solution

Mobotix Wireless Solution is protecting shoppers at Forum Bornova in Izmir


By using MOBOTIX’s decentralised concept, hemispheric and dual lens cameras, Mikroport offered a proposal to dramatically reduce the number of cameras across the site compared to other options while providing improved image quality and intelligent analytics for the detection of number plates both day and night. For camera locations where it was difficult to run a physical network connection, Mikroport used wireless technology seamlessly integrated with MOBOTIX devices to ensure each camera was situated in the optimum position.

Following a smooth installation process, the new MOBOTIX video surveillance system has been faultless and able to meet the shopping centre’s requirements.



Mehmet İhsan Çamli, project manager for Mikroport explains:

“MOBOTIX is different from other camera vendors and offers many benefits. The absence of additional licensing fees for software and lower storage costs is great for customers. MOBOTIX can also easily integrate into existing infrastructure and its low-bandwidth traffic technology makes it perfect for a flexible wireless solution.”

With the system now fully operational, the response from the customer has been well received. Mr Dikçe says:

“In particular, the images we obtain at parking lot entry and exit points meet our quality requirements. The correct positioning that we chose in the parking lot spaces and the new image angles provided by the cameras solved our previous problems. One of our biggest advantages is the option to have other authorised persons monitor our camera system.”

This last feature has made it possible for the centre to quickly enable security staff to gain access to the security system network without having to deploy lots of additional control room capacity.

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