Keeping up with Compliance: Escape Doors Standards White Paper

Keeping up with Compliance: Escape Doors Standards White Paper

Keeping up with Compliance: Escape Doors Standards White Paper

Abloy UK has created a whitepaper that explains the importance of complying with standards and regulations for Escape Doors and recommends solutions to ensure compliance.

All stages of developing any building need to conform to the required standards, from the architect to the installer, they all need to take responsibility for ensuring the correct compliant elements that are in place.

There is an average of 162 building fires in Great Britain every day¹, with more than 9,100 fatalities or casualties from those fires, which works out at around 25 a day². So fitting the correct system can mean
the difference between life and death for the occupants of a building.

In this whitepaper Abloy explores why it’s vital that each party – whether an architect, specifier, facilities manager or installer – takes responsibility for ensuring the correct compliant standards are met to guarantee safe egress for the occupants of the building in the event of an emergency.

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We have the capability to offer you a complete security solution; from initial surveys and fact finding, to assessments, problem solving and planning through to specification.

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¹ Between 2013-14


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