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Maxxess Systems Inc.

We are in the business of security management and have been a leader in traditional access control for decades. Our systems are installed worldwide and range from small two-door systems to large campuses with multi-buildings, or multi-sites managing hundreds of doors and thousands of badges. Our hardware and software provide business and government the highest-level of security management available today.

The Universal Security Management Platform, which is expanding the Boundaries of Security Solutions.

Adaptive solution with a modular approach:

  • A modular software solutions with integration: Access Control, CCTV Integration, Alarm Monitoring, ID Badging, and many more….
  • Providing a universal platform to have a straight forward approach to integrating hard and software from different manufactures into one solution over the client existing IT


  • We provide you with a smart infrastructure that can meet your current needs as well as your future requirements.

Software that provides all that you need:

  • Software alerts through a graphical floor plan that shows you where and what has happened.
  • We combine all the event information and display it simultaneously.
  • Open SQL database
  • Adaptable security solution for multiple sites
  • Cost effective modular software platform
  • Full Arabic software with Hajj Calendar

Maxxess MaxFinancing

The Three MaxFinancing Plans
1. The 0% MaxFinancing
This financing is structured as an operating lease.We will lease/finance the total program. That includes equipment, software, labor, support contracts and profit.

We offer a 3 year (36 month) financing program.

If you are a level one credit, and the hardware and software portion of the project totals 65% or more, the monthly payment will be the system quote divided by 36.

The customer has total end of term flexibility based on the fair market value of the system that has been financed. Prior to the 33rd (thirty third) payment, the customer can select any one of the following options:

a. Return Option: Return all of the equipment without any additional obligation.

This option is usually selected if you are upgrading or moving facilities.

b. Renewal Option: You may renew the finance program for a minimum term of two years at a much lower monthly rate, usually around 15-25% of the initial 36 month payment rate.

c. Purchase Option: You may purchase the equipment on an as-is basis for its then fair market value.

d. Short term extension Option: You can keep monthly payments intact while they are deciding which option works best for you – whether to return, renew or purchase.

For any customer where the program is $150,000 or greater and has 65% hardware and software costs, the current interest rate is shown below.

Tier One 0%
Tier Two 1%
Tier Three 2.5%

Note: All rates subject to change

2.  The Divide by Three Plan
We finance the total security system purchase, including equipment, software, labor, support contracts and profit.The Divide by Three Plan is a three year payment program.

The Divide by Three Plan calls for only three annual payments-one third up front, one third after the first year and one third after the second year.

This financing is structured as a capital lease. There are no other payments after the three payments. After the third payment you own the system.

If you purchase a system where the total program and support costs are $150,000 or greater, the current interest rate is shown below.

Tier One 3.1%
Tier Two 3.9%
Tier Three 5.2%

Note: All rates subject to change

3. The Safe Cities Plan for schools and municipalities
We finance the total security system purchase including equipment, software, labor, support contracts and profit.The Safe Cities Plan applies to municipalities, schools and certain state procurements. It does not apply to Federal procurements.

MaxFinancing and our participating banks are committed to supporting safe cities and safe schools. We are offering this special tax exempt, low interest plan to help increase the safety, security and emergency management of our local government institutions.

This financing is structured as a lease. There are no other payments required after the third payment. After the third payment you own the system outright.

For a government customer where the total program and support costs total $250,000 or greater, the current interest rate is shown below.

Tier One 2.5%
Tier Two 3.1%
Tier Three 3.8%

Note: All rates subject to change

The finance documentation would contain a non-appropriation clause as required with any Local Government transaction.

There are certain restrictions to be eligible for these special tax exempt rates. Tax exempt rates are based on the customer issuing less than $10MM in tax exempt debt in the calendar year (“Bank Qualified”).  If the customer’s debt issuances exceed $10MM, the rate increases by approximately .75 % due to IRS regulations.   This IRS test is based on a calendar year, not a fiscal year.


Call: +971 (0) 509467717

Location: Yorba Linda, California

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