How many CCTV Cameras are there globally?

How many CCTV Cameras are there globally?

245 million video surveillance cameras installed globally in 2014

According to IHS, there were 245 million professionally installed video surveillance cameras active and operational globally in 2014. Whilst the majority of these cameras were analog, over 20 percent are estimated to have been network cameras and around two percent HD CCTV cameras.

This is the first time that IHS has measured the installed base of security cameras. The analysis was driven from ten years of unit shipment data collected for its video surveillance research. IHS estimated the service life of cameras in each sub-region by end-user industry to size the current installed base.

Further key points from the research include:

Asia accounted for 65 percent of installed security cameras in 2014. In 2016, Asia is forecast to account for 68 percent of the installed base of security cameras, driven primarily by unit shipment growth in China.

The installed base is characterized by different drivers in each region. In China, average camera prices are typically lower and there is a higher replacement rate. Installers and integrators cost less so replacing a faulty product is less cost prohibitive. In Europe and North America, there is more of a price premium and a focus on product reliability.

Hikvision is estimated to have had the largest number of security cameras installed worldwide in 2013. Samsung Techwin is estimated to have been second. Supply has been fragmented though with the top ten camera vendors accounting for less than 40 percent of all installed cameras.

Axis Communications is estimated to have had the largest number of installed network cameras in 2013, with Hikvision in second place. These two companies were the only vendors with more than 10% of the installed base of network cameras in 2013.

Previously reported in SecurityNewsDesk the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) estimated there are between 4 million and 5.9 million CCTV surveillance cameras in the UK.

The report entitled ‘The Picture Is Not Clear’, estimates the number of cameras in over 200 sectors of the economy, ranging from schools to local shops and even sewage works and was first published in 2013.

Simon Adcock, the then chairman of the BSIA’s CCTV Section, said at the time, “This study, undertaken by the British Security Industry Association, represents the most comprehensive and up to date study undertaken into the number of CCTV cameras in use in the UK.  Because there is no single reliable source of data no number can ever be held as truly accurate however the middle of our range suggests that there are around 5 million cameras.  A key finding of our research is that the proportion of cameras controlled by local government is around 1 in 70.  The government’s current regulation whilst welcome will initially cover only a tiny proportion of CCTV systems and these are already the most professionally run and tightly controlled schemes.”

There hasn’t been a similar study in the UK since and the IHS study is the first attempt to identify the global trend. The next step is likely regulation and here Tony Porter the UK CCTV Commissioner said at a recent CCTV User Group conference, “I’m also keeping an eye on what is happening in Europe there are three research projects all nearing conclusion funded by the European Commission to the tune of 10m Euro.

They will be making recommendations to the Commission in due course. They talk about mandatory operational requirements, mandatory privacy impact assessments and mandatory certification.”

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