Hardened wireless ethernet radio introduced

Hardened wireless ethernet radio introduced

Hardened wireless ethernet radio introduced

NetWave® Radio Meets Demands from Industrial Markets

ComNet Europe Ltd of Leeds in the United Kingdom, a division of ComNet Communication Networks a USA-based manufacturer of fiber optic transmission and networking equipment, expands the NetWave® wireless Ethernet product line with a new, hardened unit for use in challenging applications. The new model is an Ultra-High Throughput Impact-Resistant, Hardened Wireless Ethernet link.

The new models supports a 500 Mbps throughput and features the same ease of use benefits offered by the entire NetWave® line. The 500Mbps is the highest throughput of any NetWave® model and is the ideal solution when multiple IP CCTV cameras need to be connected back to the central monitoring location. The NW-9 can be used over distances of up to four miles under ideal conditions.

This new model, the NetWave® NW-9 is enclosed in a rugged aluminum case that can be used in the most extreme environments and the company foresees use in industrial and transportation applications where there is a potential for shock and impact.

According to Steve Clarke, ComNet Europe Managing Director,

“we have enjoyed a great amount of success in a very short time with the entire NetWave® product line. We are now starting to uncover unique needs for the product line. As NetWave® has become so accepted, demand for a truly hardened unit that still met the IP67 standard and could stand up to rigor of a truly industrial applications became a high priority. The NW-9 is that solution.”

“These new additions to the NetWave® product line continues to round out an impressive product line. As with the entire NetWave® product line, these new models feature the same ease of use and setup attributes that we designed into the initial wireless product line,”

Clarke concluded.

“By continuing to advance our wireless product line, ComNet continues to recognize the needs of the market and develop products accordingly. Although ComNet was founded with a core competency focused on fiber optic transmission, we’re evolving the company to be a single source for all types of transmission through different media”

commented Frank Haight, ComNet Vice President of Marketing.

“Our first entry into wireless Ethernet was very successful and well received. ComNet has always been known as the innovation company. Continuous improvement to the NetWave® product line with greater capabilities is what is expected from a company that is known for innovative product advancements. It’s also comforting to know this new product line was designed and will be built here in our Danbury, CT facility”

Haight concluded.

ComNet offers an extensive line of fiber optic video and data transmission equipment as well as a line of fiber optic, wireless and copper Ethernet Network equipment that is uniquely toughened to meet the needs of the Security and Intelligent Transportation System market.

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