Grosvenor Technology kicks off new security system for football club

Grosvenor Technology kicks off new security system for football club

Grosvenor Technology kicks off new security system for football club

Players at a popular Midlands football club can now rest easy before and after a big game – content in the knowledge that access to the player’s area is controlled by Grosvenor Technology’s Sateon Pro.

Kettering Town Football Club (known as The Poppies) is one of the latest sports and leisure facilities to take advantage of Grosvenor Technology’s comprehensive access control solutions. Thanks to Grosvenor’s Sateon Pro, Poppies footballers now benefit from safe and secure entry to the player’s changing rooms and training facilities.

Grosvenor’s Sateon Pro access control was recommended to the Club by Sonic Security Services’ Design Surveyor Jeremy Haynes. Access control has now been fitted on two player’s doors at the Latimer Park football ground, restricting fan and media access to the changing facilities and training equipment.

Jeremy commented:

“Sateon Pro offers all the features of a professional access control system; yet requires minimal IT dependency and is intuitive and easy for the customer to use. Not only that, but both installers and customers benefit from Grosvenor’s excellent technical support team, which is always on hand to deal with any queries.”

Sateon Pro could even help Kettering Town FC expand their revenue streams in the future. Adding access control to the training pitches would allow the Club to generate additional revenue by renting out facilities when not being used by the Club; and the use of a simple proximity card would mean no need for staff supervision or associated additional costs.

Jeremy added:

“We have the ability to integrate Sateon with Kettering’s facilities management systems in the future. We can programme access rights for agreed pitch schedules or locations; and the Club would be able to charge users for specific timescales. Once the agreed finish time has been reached Sateon could notify management as well as turn off lights if they are the last players of the day, thus incorporating energy saving solutions.”

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