FC-Series ID Thermal Security Cameras reduce false alarms

FC-Series ID Thermal Security Cameras reduce false alarms

FC-Series ID Thermal Security Cameras reduce false alarms

FLIR Systems, Inc. recently announced the release of the FC-Series ID thermal security camera, the latest camera in its FC-Series line – now available in EMEA.

The FC-Series ID combines built-in analytics for high performance intrusion detection, industry-leading image quality designed for high-end commercial users, and an expanded selection of high-performance lenses.

The FC-Series ID delivers best-in-class thermal image detail with edge analytics in a single device. The camera features easy to create custom trip wires and regions of interest. It’s also capable of determining human or vehicle intrusions, without human intervention, to reduce the number of false alarms.

The FC-Series ID delivers superior image quality in low-contrast conditions. The camera sees clearly in complete darkness, without any illumination, in bright sunlight, through smoke, dust or even light fog. As a result, the FC-Series ID provides around-the-clock intrusion protection regardless of lighting and environmental conditions.

In addition, the FC-Series ID offers an expanded selection of high-performance lenses, ranging from 13 mm to 75 mm, with VGA or QVGA resolution. Combined with a choice of 320 or 620 resolutions, the FC-Series ID offers more fields of view and resolution options than any other commercial thermal security camera.

“Our new FLIR FC-Series ID camera builds upon the industry’s most popular thermal security camera line,” said John Distelzweig, Vice President and General Manager of FLIR’s Security segment. “The FC-Series ID offers security professionals more flexibility, reliability and the latest analytics to help protect the people and assets that matter most.”

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