European Union funds Terracom Informatics Ltd under Horizon 2020

European Union funds Terracom Informatics Ltd under Horizon 2020

European Union funds Terracom Informatics Ltd under Horizon 2020

The research proposal submitted by Terracom Informatics Ltd was approved for funding under the «Horizon 2020» program by the European Union.

The proposal was about an innovative guard tour system, named QR-Patrol PRO, which is oriented to help security companies manage guard tours and allows remote real-time management of guards executing the predefined patrols.

It is worth mentioning that a total of 1090 research proposals were submitted in November 2015 call of Horizon 2020, 425 of which were evaluated as meeting the requirements but only 30 proposals were finally approved. Especially in ICT field (Information and Communications Technologies), where Terracom Informatics Ltd participated, just 4 research proposals were approved within Europe (2 in Greece, 1 in France, 1 in United Kingdom). You can see a full list of the approved HORIZON 2020 proposals here.

The total budget of the project is 1,927,422.50 € and funding from Horizon 2020 is equal to 70 %, meaning 1,349,195.75 €. The funding will allow Terracom to invest in innovative activities and processes and promote QR-Patrol Pro in the global market.

To make a brief of the product, QR-Patrol Pro is a smart guard tour system that will be the evolution of the successful QR-Patrol, incorporating Internet of Things and Push-To-Talk trends.

QR-Patrol is an online guard tour monitoring system that uses NFC tags and QR-codes in order to increase the protection status of buildings, assets and territories. The security officers scan NFC tags or QR-codes via their smartphones and the Alarm Monitoring Center receives incidents and immediate alerts thanks to cloud technology. In this way, the managing staff gets the full control over protected assets wherever they are located and in real-time.

QR-Patrol system is currently available in 33 countries all over the world, holding a strong reputation in the guard tour global market. In addition, there are 12 distributors in major large scale markets, such as United States of America, United Kingdom, Australia, etc.

Taking into account the significant boost of HORIZON 2020 funding, Terracom Informatics Ltd aims to create the most advanced guard tour management system worldwide.

For more information on QR-Patrol click here

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