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MH17, Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17, Flight MH17

The tragic loss of 298 lives on board Malaysian Air Flight MH17 has left the bereaved and global Governments calling for answers. The main question being, who is truly responsible for this atrocity? With Russia, saying one thing, and Ukraine and the West another, it seems impossible to know the truth. However, a British company has developed a solution that would be truly invaluable at the scene of such disasters.

When 70 Kg of high explosive detonates in the vicinity of an aircraft throwing shrapnel through the fuel tanks, flight control systems, and fuselage causing massive secondary explosions at 32,000 feet the target aircraft disintegrates. This is could have been the fate of Flight MH17, if it was indeed attacked by an anti-aircraft missile as suggested.

No matter how intense the secondary explosion, or how far the debris is scattered, one thing remains from a forensic perspective – explosive residue from the missile warhead would have been literally been blown all over the debris, leaving a molecular residue that can be analysed to confirm the source.

Until now, analysis required sophisticated laboratories, equipped with devices costing tens of thousands of dollars for the molecular components from an explosive event to be examined to determine what type of explosive has been used, thus leading to the source.

That may not be the case for much longer. A British research company has developed a testing capability akin to a pregnancy test that is able to forensically analyse explosive residue at part per billion concentrations, much smaller than you would get from a missile explosion, and identify what explosive was used. With the aid of a simple reading device, concentrations can be identified and the mix of different materials determined.

sa11 test cardMinimally trained personnel can do this on the ground at a disaster scene and it takes only a few minutes to get definitive results. No sophisticated equipment or training is required and there is no long wait. Merely a series of ‘dip sticks’, pre-tuned to explosive types and concentrations, a few swabs and a dip into the solution.

As the dipsticks are ‘tuned’ to a particular molecule, and use what is know as a ‘positive’ test, if that molecule is present you get a response, if the molecule isn’t present you don’t.  This means that false readings are highly unlikely.

If this solution were in use at the crash site, the investigation teams currently on the ground in Eastern Ukraine could have a result within minutes, stating exactly what explosive residue there is to been found on MH17 debris.

Selective Antibodies Limited has developed this revolutionary technology thanks to funding from competitive programmes such as LINK Awards, Governmental contracts and EU programmes. This new product for explosive testing has come as a result of a competitive €4.4m three-year European Framework VII Security programme that Selective Antibodies recently completed and has been endorsed by many organisations across the EU.

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Awards and keynotes dished up at the BSIA annual lunch Thu, 17 Jul 2014 11:53:49 +0000 Awards for the bravest and best in the fields of manned guarding, security installation and cash-in-transit were dished up at the BSIA Annual Luncheon in London.

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BSIA Annual Lunch - security awardsAwards for the bravest and best in the fields of manned guarding, security installation and cash-in-transit were dished up along with a three-course lunch in London yesterday as part of the BSIA Annual Luncheon.

Currently in their 16th year, the awards recognise brave cash-in-transit couriers, the younger generation of security installers and security personnel who provide outstanding service and perform exceptional acts in the course of their duties. They also recognised best use of technology and exceptional team performance.

The awards would not be possible without the support of Camberford Law PLC, specialist insurance brokers to the BSIA and the private security industry, who have sponsored the awards since their inception.

Baroness Smith of Basildon, the Shadow Home Affairs Minister for Private Security, gave the keynote address and presented the awards to the 15 winners (listed below).

In her speech, she praised the work of the private security industry and its partnerships with the police.

Speaking about cybersecurity, she said that the laws should be toughened and it should be easier to investigate cyber breaches.

As a Labour peer, she attacked the Coalition government for, in her words, “actively blocking” further regulation of the security industry. She pointed to the fact that Baroness Ruth Henig, former Chair of the Security Industry Authority, had drafted legislation to further regulate the security industry which had been rejected by the government.

She said that given the threats from organised crime, cyber-crime and terrorism, regulation of the security industry should not be viewed as an ideological issue and she is keen to work with all parties to achieve it.

The new Chairman of the BSIA gave her inaugural address as well. Pauline Norstrom, Chief Operating Officer at the AD Group and former vice-Chair of the BSIA, praised the work of the former chairman and said the BSIA was going from strength to strength.

She said that BSIA membership represents a commitment to quality and integrity and that membership of the BSIA should be a requirement for tendering for certain types of projects.

Norstrom presented the Chairman’s Awards in five categories – Contribution to Exporting, Contribution to Standards, Contribution to Training, Contribution to the Community and Promoting the Industry – details of which are listed below.

She said: “It is a great pleasure that one of my first tasks as Chairman of the BSIA is to recognise and reward the significant and lasting contributions made by these dedicated individuals and companies. Their commitment to improving the reputation and quality of our industry is admirable, and I shall look forward to building further on these achievements in my next two years as BSIA Chairman.”

The Apprentice Installer Awards were presented by the Surveillance Camera Commissioner for England and Wales, Tony Porter. They serve to recognise the achievements of Level Two and Level Three apprentices involved in the installation of alarms, CCTV, access control or a combination of these systems, and represent the commitment of security companies and training bodies in providing young talent with the opportunity to succeed in the security industry.

The Apprentice Installer Awards were once again sponsored by Pyronix, whose Chair and Chief Executive, Julie A Kenny CBE DL, comments: “As the cost of University education has increased dramatically in the last few years, there has never been a better time for the security industry to appeal to the younger generation who want to work, develop a career and earn money.”

And the Building the Future Award, presented annually by industry editor Brian Sims and entrepreneur Bobby Logue, was this year given to the BSIA and its members. In previous years it has gone to figures such as Baroness Henig, Janet Williams (Deputy Assistant Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service) and David Evans (British Security Industry Association Project Director for the 2012 Olympics).

The winners of the awards were:

Special Award for Outstanding Service

Nick Lyons - Loomis Security Services - Special Award for Bravery cash in transit

Nick Lyons, Loomis Security Services, collects his Special Award for Bravery from Baroness Smith

Nick Lyons, Loomis UK Ltd – Lyons is a cash-in-transit courier for Loomis. In Spring 2013, while on a routine cash drop, he was attacked from behind. Despite the sustained assault, Lyons held onto the cash box. He managed to break free from the attack and sought safety for himself and the cash box. The assailant then fled the scene.

Head of Risk for Loomis UK Limited, Robert Johnson, praised Lyons for his actions: “Thankfully, Nick was not injured during the attack and to some extent this is due to his previous experience when under attack, the ongoing training that is delivered to our crews and his quick thinking in bringing the incident to a satisfactory conclusion.”

Lyons, who was presented with his award by Baroness Smith, commented: “Thank you very much for recognising me for this award. Raids are part of the job – they are something I’ve learnt to deal with, otherwise I wouldn’t still be doing the job 25 years on.”

BSIA Apprentice Installer Award winners

BSIA Apprentice Installer Award - Darrell Gilmour - Kings Security Systems

Darrell Gilmour of Kings Security Systems collects award from Tony Porter, Surveillance Camera Commissioner

The overall winner of this year’s Apprentice Installer Awards is Darrell Gilmour, 19, of Kings Security Systems. Currently in his third year of studies, Darrell’s passion for security runs in the family, with his father, uncle and aunt also employed within the sector. He was nominated for this award by New College, North Lanarkshire, where his methodical, conscientious workmanship has impressed his lecturers. Meanwhile, working full-time at Kings Security Systems Ltd, Darrell has set the bar high for future apprentices, with a spokesperson from the business commenting: “Kings are taking on new apprentices, and Darrell will be an ambassador for Scotland in providing a role model for the new recruits. He is an asset to Kings and a valued apprentice to the business.”

Tom Parker of VSG received a national award for turning his fascination for technology into a blossoming career, already having worked on large-scale installations for high-profile clients including Macquarie Bank, London South Bank University and Lloyds of London. Selected to work alongside one of VSG’s leading technical engineers, 19-year-old Tom has already achieved the minimum level required to pass his college course and is currently undertaking additional modules while spending his spare time practising his work on a range of products.

Nathan Sefton of Chubb Fire & Security won his award for demonstrating a sound knowledge and understanding of the industry, and for his methodical, level-headed approach to problem-solving. Already a point of contact for other engineers, Nathan excelled on a large project, where his documentation for over 30 sites was error-free and met strict deadlines. Nathan, 21, was selected to travel to Denmark in 2013 as part of Skills for Security’s Leonardo project.

Aaron Noble of Kings Security was selected for a national award following his nomination by Kings Security’s Managing Director, Anthony King. With an ambition to become lead engineer by his mid-30s, Aaron, 21, has demonstrated an excellent understanding of theory and practical work. He already has experience of running complex jobs on-site and continually out-performs other apprentices of his age.

BSIA National Security Personnel Award winners

Service to the Customer

Roger Vanhinsbergh – Roger has worked for security company City Security Services Limited and has worked on a contract for their client – Horsefair Shopping Centre – for over seven years. He was nominated for the award by his managers for being the ‘lynch-pin’ of security operations at the shopping centre.

Since starting on the contract at Horsefair, Roger has consistently continued to exceed the high standards that are required of him. Through his hard work, commitment and willingness to ‘go the extra mile’, Roger has gained the respect and gratitude of the Centre’s customers and its management team.

Leonard Brownsword – Leonard has worked in the security industry for over 12 years and has been a Senior Site Supervisor for Corps of Commissionaires Management – Corps Security for over a year. He has been nominated for the award by his managers for being an extremely hard working individual, who has very good rapport with the staff, regular visitors and contractors on site.

Leonard works for Corps client – Joint Service Adventure Sail Training Centre and has been on looking after this site for a number of years. He regularly provides a service ‘above and beyond’ his remit as Site Security Supervisor that ensures the security of our staff, visitors and assets. He is always helpful, courteous and enthusiastic, he is also someone who delivers results.

Kim McCarron – Kim works for security company UniTrust Protection Services (UK) Ltd after having worked with BNP Paribas Securities Services, for nearly seven years. She was nominated for the award by her managers in recognition of her professional attitude and commitment to her role.

Demonstrating a proactive approach to her role, Kim effectively deals with a wide range of staff and visitors on a daily basis. She caters for all their individual needs and understands the requirement to balance effective security policies and procedures with bespoke customer care and service. This has been supported on a number of occasions by positive customer feedback.

Outstanding Act

Gary Douglas and Ajaz Ahemd – Gary and Ajaz have work for Securitas Security Services and have worked on a contract with WYCA, West Yorkshire Combined Authority for several years. They have been nominated for the award by their managers for their quick thinking and immediate reaction to a sexual assault at a bus station where they were on duty.

Gary and Ajaz showcased their excellent vigilance when witnessing a male following a female into the women’s toilets. Responding immediately, they followed the gentleman into the toilets where, on their arrival, the male fled the scene and it was apparent that the female in question had been sexually assaulted by the male. Both Gary and Ajaz escorted the lady to the security office where they proceeded to contact the police. A week later Ajaz was on duty when he recognised the male in question, who had returned to the bus station. He discreetly monitored the male whilst contacting the police, who subsequently arrived and arrested the man.

Robert Smith – Robert works for security company VSG and has been a key member of the security team at The Mall in Maidstone for just over 10 years. He was nominated for the award by his managers following an incident in which a 15 month old girl was taken seriously ill at the Centre.

A mother and her infant daughter were shopping at The Mall when her daughter had a fit and stopped breathing. Without any hesitation, Robert acted fast to clear her airways and help lower her temperature before handing her over to the ambulance services. Robert’s quick thinking led to the saving of the baby’s life.

Best Newcomer

Dean Baverstock – Dean, a secuirty Supervisor for The Westgrove Group, has been working on a selection of the Group’s Midlands portfolio for over a year. He was nominated for the award by his managers because of unrivalled passion for his work and hunger to succeed.

Dean began his career with The Westgrove Group as a relief cleaner but quickly progressed to Security Officer and then to Security Supervisor in little over a year. He liaises confidently with clients at all levels and is mentoring and passing on knowledge to other new recruits. He has achieved a great deal of success in a short space of time and is currently working through the Westgrove Development programme.

Karl Smith – Karl works for security company VSG and has been working on a contract for their client – The Kingdom Shopping Centre – for just under a year. He was nominated for the award by his managers because of his commitment to the role and proves to be a valuable asset to his team.

Having just started his career in security with very little knowledge of the industry, he has shown that he is prepared to learn his role quickly and shows commitment to The Kingdom Shopping Centre team by providing support to the site when additional manpower is required.

BSIA Security Personnel Awards - Best Newcomer - Emilija Zemaitaityte

Emilija Zemaitaityte receives her award from Baroness Smith

Emilija Zemaitaityte – Emilija, of security company VSG, has been working with their client – Credit Suisse – based in London for just over 18 months. She has been nominated for the award by her managers because she has not only established herself in a core security position, but has risen quickly through the initial security ranks to become Acting Control Centre Operator.

Having just started her career in the security industry, there is evidence to show that Emilija will dedicate her career to security for the long term. She is always keen to develop her security knowledge, and her enthusiasm and dedication to the company shows in her commitment to her role.

Best use of Technology

Garry MacLean – Garry of Securitas Security Services, has worked with their client, Scottish Power, for over five years and has been nominated for the award by his managers for the initiative he shows and his dedication to his role.

As a controller in the Scottish Power security control room, Gary is responsible for monitoring over 700 CCTV cameras and seven alarm systems covering 42 sites. Throughout his time in the control room, he has been instrumental in pushing forward the quality of service delivery provided to Scottish Power. He is seen as the key trainer within the control room and will dedicate his own time to training up members of staff and ensure they have all the prerequisite skills to carry out the demanding role in the control room.

Joe Palmer – Joe Palmer, who is employed by Security Company, VSG and has worked with a DIY Retailer for a number of years, won the award for Best Use of Technology in the Midlands heat of the British Security Industry Association (BSIA) Regional Security Personnel Awards.

In 2013, Joe was appointed to lead a Crime Line & Data Analysis team, which was tasked with establishing a solution capable of gathering data reported by telephone and email, with the ultimate goal of using this to pro-actively tackle organised crime. Joe has displayed an unwavering desire to always be one step ahead of the complex fraudster within a constantly challenging retail security environment.

Best Team

Commando Training Centre Royal Marines – The Commando Training Centre team work for security company Corps of Commissionaires Management – Corps security -and are currently contracted to work for their client The Commando Training Centre Royal Marines. They are a 27 strong team of individuals who continue deliver an exceptional services to their client.

The Training Centre is a complex and an extremely busy site that has a diverse range of tenants, workers and visitors, all of whom produce their own particular security challenges. The team are able to multitask and deal with all of these challenges in a professional manner as well as securing the area during high profiled events.

IKEA Milton Keynes Team – Officers a IKEA Milton Keynes are a group of seven strong and determined security personnel officers. They are an outstanding group of individuals who excel at every part of their role. The team has an excellent relationship with the client which is supported by the plethora of compliments they receive on a weekly basis.

The team use their retail knowledge and experience to educate and support other IKEA Risk UK teams and IKEA co-workers. This naturally raised awareness within the IKEA Milton Keynes store and also brought a real sense of ownership and understanding to the store which has recently been identified as a store of excellence in the UK and the VSG team have played an important role in the store achieving this title

National Distribution Centre, Magna Park – The team work for security company VSG and have been excelling on their contract for their Midlands-based client for a number of years.

The eight strong team are a committed group of individuals who continue to exceed the standards required of them. The team have been through a number of changes since they have been working on site but they continue to support each other in various different ways from shift cover to help deal with difficult issues and situations.

Chairman’s Awards

Ian Moore - Elmdene Ltd - BSIA award for Contributing to Exporting

Ian Moore of Elmdene receives award for Contributing to Exporting

The Award for Contribution to Exporting was presented to Ian Moore of Elmdene Ltd. With an export career spanning 20 years, Ian has made a positive contribution to the international growth of a number of businesses. In 2003, he founded Detector Technologies and oversaw the company’s growth from a start-up to an international business with offices in the UK, Australia, Dubai and South Africa in just six years. A long-term contributor to the BSIA’s Export Council, Ian’s expertise continues to help new exporters gain a foothold in overseas markets.

Robbie Calder - Broadland Guarding - BSIA chairman award for Contributing to Standards

Robbie Calder of Broadland Guarding receives his award from Pauline Nortstrom

The award for Contribution to Standards was presented to Robbie Calder of Broadland Guarding, who was recognised for his contributions to the development of training standards requirements for SIA licenses relating to CCTV Operators. As the main BSIA representative on many revisions of BS7958 (CCTV Management and Operations) and BS8523 (Management and Operation of Warden Schemes), Robbie has continued to promote best practice and improve quality of service delivery in these areas. As Chairman of the BSIA’s Police and Public Services Section, Robbie has also represented the Association at various Parliamentary roundtable meetings, ensuring that our industry’s capabilities are recognised and respected.

The Award for Contribution to Training was presented to PHS Group Training Department and PHS Datashred, in recognition of the organisations’ efforts to develop recognised training schemes for the Information Destruction sector. As the first organisation in the UK to be awarded accreditation from Skills for Security for Information Destruction Operations, PHS Datashred has worked together with the wider PHS Group’s training department to develop an in-house training course, designed to further enhance the quality of service provided to customers and the wider public. Recently, the Group has opened the PHS Academy, a dedicated training and development centre in Gloucester which houses the delivery of this course.

David Bone - Securitas Security Services - BSIA award for contributing to the Community

David Bone, Securitas, receives award for Contributing to the Community

The award for Contribution to the Community was presented to David Bone of Securitas Security Services Ltd who, as an active member of the organisation’s Community Team since 2008, has dedicated countless hours to the company’s fundraising and community events programme. David’s contributions have made a difference to various local and national charities, including the Poppy Appeal and St. Theresa’s Hospice, with events raising over £31,000 in total. Organising security for charity events, as well as celebrity appearances, are key elements of David’s contributions, and he pledges to “continue to build and maintain excellent community links… and encourage others to take part in delivering the Securitas Community Spirit.”

Simon Banks - CSL Dualcom - BSIA chairman award for Promoting the Security Industry

Simon Banks, CSL Dualcom, receives award from Pauline Norstrom

And the Award for Promoting the Industry was presented to Simon Banks of CSL Dualcom, for his work on the 100 in 100 Apprenticeship initiative. A driving force behind the success of the initiative – which aims to place 100 security apprentices in just 100 days – Simon has been instrumental in its success, which has seen over 1800 young people placed in security careers, including installers, engineers, technicians, customer service personnel and locksmiths. Inspired by his own experiences as an apprentice, Simon believes that the continued recruitment of young people into the security industry is crucial to maintaining the industry’s professionalism, while helping to avoid a potential skills gap in a few years’ time.


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Boon Edam and Lyon-Saint Exupéry put passengers in control Thu, 17 Jul 2014 11:09:39 +0000 Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport is working with Boon Edam to offer frequent flyers smoother transit with Airport Swinglane self-service gates.

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St Exupery Airport SwinglanesLyon-Saint Exupéry Airport, one of the leading airports in France, has chosen to work with Boon Edam to offer their frequent flyer passengers a smoother transit through the airport. By installing Airport Swinglane self-service gates at security pre-screening, the airport ensures that a high level of security is maintained while shortening cues and putting passengers in control.

Fourth Largest Airport in France

Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport is the fourth largest airport in France when it comes to passenger numbers serving 8.6 million passengers annually, up to 34,000 a day. With 63% of all flight being international and 115 direct routes of which 30 were opened in the last five years, Lyon-Saint Exupéry airport has firmly positioned itself as one of the main entry ports into Europe.

Putting the Passenger in Control

“We have installed this solution to respond to different requirements, such as being able to track the passage of a passenger, restricting access to air side and automating security pre-screening”, says Mylène Leuly, Project Manager – Operation. The Airport Swinglane offers the high level of security Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport was looking for while giving passengers control over their own boarding process, resulting in an improved passenger experience.

Customisation and Cooperation

Boon Edam has worked closely with Lyon-Saint Exupéry Airport and RESA, the airport’s system integrator and provider of the PAXTRACK passenger tracking software since the start of the project in 2012 to create a fully customized solution for this airport. Mylène Leuly explains: “The ergonomic design of the lane and the proposed technology were the main reasons behind our decision. Boon Edam’s ability to listen to our requirements also played an important role. The company has managed to adapt their product to the restrictions in our airport to create a tailor made solution that meets our requirements perfectly with regards to performance and integration into the airport environment.” Besides technical and functional customization, the design of the Airport Swinglane was personalized with a wooden top-plate and larger screens for interaction with the passenger.

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Strategic partnerships formed at Securing Asia Wed, 16 Jul 2014 12:57:32 +0000 The final day of the Securing Asia & Africa 2014 witnessed the formation of strategic partnerships between international delegations from Asia and Africa.

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IMG_2238The second and final day of the Securing Asia & Africa 2014 continued to witness the formation of strategic partnerships between visiting international delegations from Asia and Africa with Western and Asian suppliers of homeland security technological solutions. The exhibitors included leading companies in the industry such as Indianeye Security Pvt. Ltd., Security Watch India, Pearson Engineering, Strategic Support Services (SL) Limited, and Westminister Group PLC among many others.  Zada and Facewatch collaborated at Securing Asia and Africa 2014 to demonstrate how important their technologies are to each other.

The products offered at the exhibition ranged from a revolutionary personal safety mobile phone application, robust robots with applications for investigating and analysing threat, face recognition technology, IED simulators, and rail systems.

IMG_2300During the course of the summit, the buyers and sellers of the latest homeland security technology were able to make a number of business meetings and negotiations, as well as enjoy a series of fascinating speeches from the industry’s leading experts and officials. Day 2’s presentations demonstrated the concurrent theme of the increasingly complex reality of the future, which will pose new threats to the internal security of Asia and Africa.

The speakers included Jonathan Paris, Senior Advisor of the Chertoff Group, who referred to demographic trends and consequently the continual growth of megacities across Asia and Africa as a key challenge to cyber security. Dr. Gal Luft, Co-Director, Institute for the Analysis of Global Security Senior Advisor, United States Energy Security Council outlined both the changing technological and human behavioral dimensions of securing critical energy infrastructure in the cyber era. For his closing remarks at the end of the two highly informative and enlightening days of the conference, Harry Dhaul highlighted the future of freedom and its consequences for international security, which are yet to fully play out on the global arena. He also spoke about the business of trusting ideas and democracy, identifying a key challenge for the future will be reaching agreements between different world views from contrasting cultures.


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Security exports up 18% according to UKTI DSO statistics Tue, 15 Jul 2014 14:18:02 +0000 Last week UKTI DSO published the official export statistics for 2013. SecurityNewsDesk spoke exclusively to UKTI DSO to find out more.

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association_uktiLast week UK Trade & Investment Defence and Security Organisation (UKTI DSO) published the official export statistics for 2013. This is the first year these statistics have been designated ‘Official Statistics’. SecurityNewsDesk spoke exclusively to UKTI DSO to find out more.

UK defence and security exports in 2013 totalled £13 billion, comprising defence exports of £9.8 billion and security exports of £3.2 billion. The combined figure represents a 13% increase on the previous year. Defence exports increased by 11% and security exports by 18%.

Before we took a closer look at the breakdown of the figures, SecurityNewsDesk asked UKTI DSO why it has taken until now for defence and security export reports to be classed as ‘Official Statistics’.

“We have always sought to ensure that the statistics released by the organisation are robust and transparent,” said a spokesperson for UKTI DSO. “In 2013, the BIS statistical team carried out a review of teams (including UKTI DSO) releasing statistics whose data hitherto had not been categorised as ‘Official’ or ‘National’. This was to establish if they could be so classified, part of our continuing efforts to ensure users of the data see uniformity across government in terms of statistical releases and have trust in the data. We were delighted to be advised that UKTI DSO export statistics could be designated as ‘Official’, provided we met some additional criteria, principally relating to methodological commentary, transparency and accessibility. The 2013 figures are designated as ‘Official Statistics’, in accordance with the Code of Practice for Official Statistics.”

UK Security Exports - Annual totals 2007-13

The above graph demonstrates that security export figures have been steadily increasing since 2007, so an 18% increase in 2013 is right on trend. Indications are that the Global Security sector is going to grow significantly over the next few years, with the Cyber Security sector growing particularly fast.

Predicted Global Security Market Growth

The definition of the security sector was first agreed in 2007/ 08 and was updated in 2011 to include additional “Cyber Security” activities. It has been updated once again in 2013 to reflect significant changes in the content and reporting of Cyber Security activities, with this year being the first year that Cyber Security has been recorded as an independent category.

The report states that in the security sector, around 40% of UK exports can be attributed to Cyber Security products and services. So why does UKTI DSO think this sector has grown so quickly and what implications does this have for the future?

The UKTI DSO spokesperson said, “The cyber security market is growing rapidly with new technologies and solutions being developed all the time. The UK government has done a substantial amount of work seeking to ensure the categories and classifications of cyber are broad and sufficiently flexible to accurately reflect the market. We expect these classifications to evolve and adapt over time as the industry itself grows and changes. Our data provider has a rigorous and systematic process in place to ensure relevant data is captured and reflected in the published statistics.”

As the below graph shows, the statistics for 2013 provide a clear breakdown of the type of security products that the UK exported – including Cyber Security solutions.

UK Security Exports by Product Type

It’s clear that the UK is doing very well with exports in Situational Awareness, System Recovery & Data Cleansing, Communications and Access Control. However, despite being granted its own category, Cyber Security is a relatively small export market for the UK at the moment.

Also of note is the difference between defence and security with regards to where the UK is exporting to.

UK Defence Exports by Region

The above shows clearly that the Middle East is the top export destination for UK defence exports. However, if you look at the below graph demonstrating security export destinations, the Middle East does not even feature.

Top UK Security Export Destinations

The UKTI DSO spokesperson commented on this anomaly, saying, “A lot of activity has taken place over the last year and there has been significant interest in the region in areas such as border and airport security. However, this has not resulted in significant contracts but we expect this situation to improve next year.”

Overall, this report concludes that the UK’s share of the global security market will be worth 4 per cent (£3.2Bn), making the UK the 6th largest exporter of security products and services. So it’s clear that while there are challenges to overcome and high targets to hit, the UK’s security industry is going strong and has a bright future ahead.

Top Security Exporters

You can read the full findings for 2013 here –


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2014 World Cup stadium secured by RISCO Group Tue, 15 Jul 2014 09:49:42 +0000 A comprehensive security solution to deliver tight security and safety measures at the 2014 World Cup games in Brazil was supplied by RISCO Group.

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2014 world cup

A comprehensive security solution designed to deliver tight security and safety measures at the 2014 World Cup games in Brazil, was selected for supply by global integrated security solutions provider, RISCO Group.

Installed at the all-new 44,000 capacity Arena Pantanal in Cuiaba, RISCO Group’s powerful Command & Control solution, access control and customised ticketing and validation system, was provided for management and control via the stadium’s central control room.

Ensuring the highest levels of security for all visitors to the stadium during the World Cup games, RISCO Group’s SynopSYS Integrated Security and Building Management™ Command & Control solution, based on intuitive synoptic maps, integrated all security and building management systems and subsystems, including those from third parties, into a single interface.

Providing protection from unauthorised entry and counterfeit tickets by securing hundreds of doors and turnstiles within the stadium, RISCO Group’s axesplus® access control solution and FIFA compliant specialised ticketing validation system was also incorporated for central control from the stadium’s main Command & Control Room.

Custom designed for one of the world’s foremost sporting events, the extensive project spans multiple disciplines and has showcased RISCO Group’s capability for creating tailor-made solutions that can fulfil the most stringent of security and operational demands.

Commenting on the World Cup stadium project, Michael Isakov, Managing Director RISCO Security Management Solutions BU said: “We are honoured to have been selected to provide the Arena Pantanal’s security solutions for use at the 2014 World Cup and beyond. Our professional teams worked together with the local integrator to ensure that all integrated systems functioned together seamlessly and efficiently, to ensure a successful and safe mega event.”

Host to a number of group matches, the Arena Pantanal is one of 12 stadiums that were constructed or remodelled in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup. Built at a cost of over £300 million, following the end of the World Cup, the arena is to become the permanent home of local football sides Mixto EC and Cuiabá EC.

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Africa key focus at day one of Securing Asia 2014 Tue, 15 Jul 2014 09:13:47 +0000 Compared to 2012 and 2013 , Africa was a focal point yesterday, recognising the content as an integral part of the global homeland security market.

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Sir Jonathan Evans, Member of Advisory Board, Facewatch and former Director General of British Security Service MI5 (2007-2013)

Sir Jonathan Evans, Member of Advisory Board, Facewatch and former Director General of British Security Service MI5 (2007-2013).

Day 1 of Securing Asia and Africa 2014 commenced on 14th July 2014 at the Queen Elizabeth II Conference Centre, providing a dedicated forum for international delegates and experts from approximately 50 countries in Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Europe in the field of homeland security and counter-terrorism to exchange their ideas and experiences on the current global climate.

In contrast to the previously successful Securing Asia 2012 and 2013 conferences, Africa was a focal point – the continent was recognised as an integral component of the global homeland security market and enabling the rises in economic growth of Asian countries including India and China. Harry Dhaul, Chairman of the Steering Committee began the day with a welcome address highlighting the growing need of the homeland security industry “to protect the haves from the have-nots till the have-nots become the haves”. This year’s panel produced an outstanding array of individuals to provide a comprehensive insight of the current threats and challenges to global homeland security.

Sir Jonathan Evans, Member of Advisory Board, Facewatch and former Director General of British Security Service MI5 (2007-2013) spoke about his past experience in leading MI5’s work to ensure the safety and security of the London 2012 Olympics. His discussion of this event highlighted the importance of community engagement and including a cyber dimension to the strategic framework of security operations.

Among the other highlights included Peter Cook, Director and Founder of Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) who spoke about the “tropical disease” of piracy. He stated that combined with geo-political issues such as territorial disputes, piracy continues to be a multidimensional problem for international maritime security. Of particular interest was the extraordinary first-hand insight provided by Rakesh Maria, Commissioner of Police in the Mumbai 26/11 attacks, who spoke about the lessons learned from the event. He referred to the security operation as  “not a failure of intelligence, but a failure of imagination” and emphasized the critical role of the media in security crises through assurance of public morale and establishment of normalcy.

The rapidly growing African homeland security market, projected to reach $344.5bn in 2022, up from $178bn in 2010 has created fierce competition between Asian and Western firms to secure African homeland security contracts. As an international business platform, Securing Asia and Africa 2014 enabled buyers and sellers from Asia, Africa, Europe and the Middle East of the latest security technology to discuss their needs, requirements and ideas. The exhibition provided a successful platform to facilitate not only business deals, but ‘business to business’ relationships with exposition and B2B meetings.

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Gallagher’s Personal Identity Verification gets US approval Mon, 14 Jul 2014 09:24:47 +0000 Gallagher Security, a global technology leader, has announced that its security management platform is now approved for sale in the United States.

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gallagher securityGallagher Security, a technology leader in integrated access control, intruder alarms management and perimeter protection, has announced that its security management platform is now approved for sale in the United States.

The development of the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12, has driven forward the establishment of the Personal Identity Verification (PIV) card as the standard credential for federal employees and contractors for access to federal information systems and controlled facilities.

The Gallagher solution, purpose-built for the US federal market, is an end-to-end system with integrated Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) compliant functionality from a single manufacturer that leverages existing components. The PIV solution is the first to be approved without the use of a PIV Authentication Module. It is also the first to meet the reader range requirement – its technology reads cards at a 3.5+cm distance, providing the utmost flexibility for the user.

Further benefits include significant cost savings compared with non-integrated solutions, minimised device footprint, and ease of installation and maintenance.

“The US market is a top priority for Gallagher and we’re pleased the US General Services Administration has approved our solution,” said Brandy Sloan, Gallagher’s Business Development Manager, North America. “The launch of our PIV product is the result of an in-depth study of current and projected customer requirements, understanding of Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12, as well as a significant investment in research and development. We will now work hard with our channel partners to bring this innovation to the market”.

The highly effective system combines Gallagher’s Command Centre and Controller 6000 (High Spec) PIV, to deliver a single, scalable security management platform. The Command Centre software works seamlessly with the user’s Public Key Infrastructure and information technology network. Gallagher’s powerful access control, intrusion detection, and perimeter security system also integrates with video and building management systems.

The Gallagher Controller 6000 (HS) PIV incorporates all the authentication capabilities demanded by the FIPS 201-2 standard, including meeting the federal enterprise-wide need for strong contactless authentication at electronic access control points and the provision of both role and attribute-based authorization. The system supports multiple devices and interfaces, including mobile. The Gallagher PIV Solution works with PIV, PIV-I, CAC, and TWIC cards.

Gallagher North America currently employs 72 members of staff based in Washington DC and Riverside, MO.

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SAMI urges widespread piracy caution Fri, 11 Jul 2014 13:26:41 +0000 SAMI has urged Company Security Officers (CSOs), Masters and Ship Security Officers (SSOs) to be cautious when operating in the South East Asian region.

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sami-logoWith the worrying rise in piracy attacks across the South East Asian region, the global focal point for maritime security matters, the Security Association for the Maritime Industry (SAMI) has urged all Company Security Officers (CSOs), Masters and Ship Security Officers (SSOs) to exercise caution when their vessels transit or operate in the area.

According to reports, this current Asian piracy spike is based on a very specific security problem, as pirates and criminals have been hijacking vessels to steal oil cargoes. This has led to a rising trend of tankers being hijacked, and it must be assumed that all such cargoes are at risk in the area.

It is being stressed the threat does not necessarily end there. While the ongoing threat to tankers in the Malacca Straits, surrounding waters and anchorages is set to continue the problem could be set to spread. The message from SAMI is that other vessel types could soon become targets too, and so it is imperative that steps are taken to ensure that necessary security measures are in place.

While the current focus is mainly on product tankers, there are concerns that pirates may pose a wider risk to shipping. SAMI warns that very often a specific type of piracy actually evolves into a more random “smash and grab” form. Criminal elements with a marine capability are considered to be willing and able to hit alternative targets, seeking to gain whatever they can from any passing shipping.

Most of the current incidents have taken place within territorial waters, and as such there is an expectation that local law enforcement and military intervention will eventually ease the current security problems. Indeed, it is to be hoped that affected countries are able to work together to counter this rising problem, as they have done before.

In the meantime shipping must act to protect itself, and it is considered vital that action is taken from intelligence, management and operational perspectives. One key concern to emerge is the accusation that criminals are being granted access to sensitive information on cargoes and vessel movements. As such owners, masters and agents need to do everything possible to control and restrict the flow of such intelligence and data.

Parallel to this is a need to ensure that practical measures are taken to protect seafarers, cargoes and vessels. From the management ashore, through to the team onboard there needs to be an awareness of the local piracy problems, as well as an ability and willingness to take the necessary actions to safeguard and protect their vessels.

According to Peter Cook, CEO of SAMI, “It is now time to revisit Ship Security Plans (SSPs) to ensure that they are relevant and capable of implementing the defensive measures necessary to protect vessels from this form of piracy”. While many vessels which trade internationally may have the necessary equipment and the crews have the knowledge and skills to enact measures akin to those of the industry Best Management Practices (BMP), there are many vessels in the region which only trade in this geographic area.  This could be a problem, but one which needs to be addressed.

For these vessels, it may be more difficult to ramp-up the security measures and response – but it is vital that they do so. SAMI urges Company Security Officers (CSOs), Masters and Ship Security Officers (SSOs) to fully assess their vulnerabilities and the way in which security is enhanced.

The Association also stresses the importance of external professional capabilities, noting that private maritime security companies are able to provide the expert insight necessary to mitigate risk and protect vessels effectively. SAMI is currently beta testing its new membership directory, and this will further assist the shipping industry to identify the companies, skills and experience it needs to assist and support maritime security efforts. Details can be found at

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Discover Finland’s best-kept security secret Thu, 10 Jul 2014 08:17:59 +0000 Tucked away on the south-west coast of Finland in Turku is of security’s best kept secrets, which you often come into contact with without even knowing it.

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Johan Slotte, Teleste’s Deputy CEO.

Johan Slotte, Teleste’s Deputy CEO.

Tucked away on the south-west coast of Finland, set a few kilometres back from the stunning archipelago coast on the edge of Finland’s fifth largest city, Turku, is one of the security industry’s best kept secrets.

Teleste is a manufacturer and complete solution provider that probably most of our readers have come into contact with in some way or another without even knowing it.

Solution providers for Virgin Media, BT Redcare, SNCF in France, The Chicago Transit Authority, Hong Kong Area Traffic Control, London Underground, Mexican Subway, St Petersberg Pulkovo Airport, the US Secret Service and Queensland Police are just a few names on their impressive project list.

In fact, Teleste currently has a large-scale solution deployed on every continent across the globe less Antarctica.

Now in its 60th year, Teleste was established in 1954 in Finland and today has 30 offices worldwide and some 1,300 employees, helping make Teleste one of the top video surveillance solution providers in the world. The company has been providing IP solutions since 1999/2000 when it delivered a digital IP-driven network solution to the Swedish road authorities – probably a world first.

In an exclusive interview and briefing, Johan Slotte, Teleste’s Deputy CEO, gave SecurityNewsDesk an overview of Teleste’s activities and plans.

“Teleste focuses on two customer groups, network operators and security operators and we ourselves provide products and services,” Slotte said.  “We have taken a lot of care to examine our markets in detail and our focus is primarily on what we describe as ultra high end (tens of thousands of cameras networked into one system) and high end (from hundreds to thousands of cameras networked) systems.”

With Teleste’s output being solution focused, integration with projects from the early planning stages is paramount and it has shown its true worth on many large scale projects, such as a distributed IP video solution around Chicago for the Chicago Transport Authority, and a country-wide federated national video security monitoring system for SNCF with over 13,000 live cameras.

When asked how Teleste approached its relationships with customers at such a high level, Slotte explained, “Teleste does not want to just sell a product or solution to a customer. Our ethos is to build up a long term, long lasting relationship and this has been proven in the very many large scale projects we have been and are involved in.”

Looking at trends Slotte outlined that, “An increasing requirement with any solution is the ability to bring all of the information together. The Teleste approach to this is though our patent pending Command and Capture product that has the capability of handling multiple systems through one interface and can easily and rapidly integrate third party systems into one user interface.  This benefits all by allowing very fast and cost-effective integration of all systems into one.”

IMG_1646When asked if this was Teleste’s future as a video security systems provider, Slotte said, “We know where we are today and have planned where we are going out to 2017 in detail.  We are a global software company that provides system solutions.  We have an evolving strategy ensuring we will be recognised globally as the technical integrator of large security solutions for the public sector.  We will remain focused on what we call the ultra high-end and high-end markets as other companies providing similar activities focus on the middle ground.”

He went on to say, “Teleste has been an integrator for large projects for many years with  the Chicago Transport Authority or the Paris Prefecture de Police being key examples of complex, geographically large public private networks based on a Teleste System.  These prove we design scalability in from the beginning of a project and our solutions therefore have no limits.”

Teleste’s business areas are wide ranging and include rail, road, airport, public space, security, military, utilities, industry, and intelligent home.  They are one of only nine Finnish based companies with the International Railway Industry Standard (IRIS) certification from Loyd’s Register Quality Assurance (LRQA), giving them a real edge on major rail infrastructure projects.

Technological development remains an important part of Teleste’s activities, and it has developed a security system that integrates the on-board systems with the infrastructure for the Chicago transport Authority, allowing seamless wireless passage of data from the trains to the stations. Slotte explained that this is something that was not technically possible until recently and is easier if you can control the core technologies, for example video, which is well within Teleste’s control.

So, the message SecurityNewsDesk has gained from meeting Teleste on its home turf is that it is different to others in the market.  Different in that for such a successful technical integrator for such high level projects it is still a relatively unknown entity.  Different in that not many will realise that Teleste was one of the first to produce an IP based network solution – 14 years ago.  Different in its vision for the future with a clear strategy to develop cost effective solutions able to operate across a number of different verticals at any scale and integrate together – building the future.

However, what really marks it out as different its Scandinavian philosophy with an understated way of building lifelong relationships, not just selling a product or capability. Teleste’s track record is second to none, proving what it can do in the most difficult of circumstances for the most complex projects and its ability to provide the Right Picture, at the Right Place, at the Right Time.


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