Can Artificial Intelligence defend you from a weaponised web-cam?

Last October, hundreds of thousands of Internet of Things devices were used to host malicious lines of code that served as a launching pad for a series of DDoS attacks carried out across the internet. Hackers effectively weaponised web cameras and digital video recorders and used them to shut down popular websites including Twitter, Reddit and PayPal, in what has become the largest recorded DDoS attack in history.

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4K surveillance technology and clarity in low light with the Z3Cam-4K

The Z3Cam-4K brings clarity and detail to high movement and low light conditions with optimised 4K technology. The camera captures stunning video with 20x optical zoom with integrated auto focus. The Z3Cam-4K provides crystal clear images for broadcast, industrial, medical, security and corporate applications while adding the ability to broadcast and analyse video around the world.

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Navigating a new landscape of customer identity management

GDPR. Four letters, one colossal shift in privacy compliance for companies around the globe. With organisations collecting increasing amounts of data, customers and the governments that represent them have evolving expectations about the transparency surrounding data collection, and the laws that govern the usage and reporting of it.

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