D2 Legal Technology: GDPR – Risk, Restriction or Business Enabler?

The prohibitive fines associated with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are creating a stir, according to D2 Legal Technology. However, despite the high level of potential liability stemming from it, this is an immensely pragmatic regulation that is focused on both safeguarding the rights of the individual to control their personal data, and enabling organisations to utilise that data in a secure and lawful way.

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WatchGuard Quarterly Internet Security Report reveals that 30 per cent of malware attacks are zero-day exploits

Almost a third, or 30 per cent, of malware can be classified as new or zero-day because it cannot be caught by legacy antivirus solutions, according to research published today in WatchGuard’s first Quarterly Internet Security Report, which explores the latest computer and network security threats affecting SMBs and distributed enterprises.

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Seagate: SkyHawk™. The Smart Surveillance Storage Solution

CCTV and video surveillance represent the largest security technology segment. With crime detection and prevention roots stretching back 70 years, the industry has seen the development from black and white images on physical film to the latest IP cameras with fully centralised cloud storage.

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