At IFSEC all your thoughts on video surveillance will change

At IFSEC all your thoughts on video surveillance will change

At IFSEC all your thoughts on video surveillance will change

Today, more than ever, video is the most relied upon system in the control room and every security professional knows that to leverage the camera network requires a reliable Video Management System (VMS).

However, to fully exploit what is now possible with video (not only from the latest IP cameras but also legacy analogue equipment), it requires something more than the ‘traditional’ feature set.

As a result, a new generation of VMS will be on show at IFSEC International in June, that promises to change the way the security industry views video surveillance.

Whilst these new systems share the same robust 24/7 redundancy and resiliency at their core, they extend the functionality of the VMS to become a more holistic security management solution. Put simply, they place greater control in the hands of the operator to…

1. Better understand what they are seeing across the video network.
2. Rapidly locate what/who they are looking for.
3. Share critical information in real-time with the right people.

These new VMS add ‘ready-made’ two-way integration with sensors and systems such as access control, as well as video analytics, which have truly come of age in recent years (such as the latest real-time video analytics that aids in the location and tracking of persons of interest). The new look VMS also add mapping visualistion and dynamic workflows (automatically presented to operators to ensure they take the right action at the right time) that provide situational awareness and incident management and investigation capabilities, all of which are more commonly associated with much larger PSIM solutions.

The flexibility and scalability of these next generation VMS means that they can be deployed at single critical facility, or for centralised management of multiple sites.

One such VMS that will be demonstrated live at IFSEC is VisionHub from Qognify (stand F950). VisionHub is widely regarded at the most powerful VMS available on the market today, and recently won the Security Industry Association’s New Product Showcase award for the Best Video Surveillance Management System 2016.

Qognify will be revealing more about the new generation of VMS in a pre-IFSEC webinar entitled ‘Everything you thought you knew about video surveillance is about to change’.

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