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CCTV in the UK is not a statutory function
Philip Ingram MBE

CCTV in the UK is not a statutory function Tony Porter, the Surveillance Camera Commissioner was speaking at the CCTV User group this week. He is a regular speaker at industry related events and i… Read More

MAST security update: Libya

Please find below a security update provided by leading maritime security company MAST. Libya The ISIL militants remain in control of Sirte and Derna. There is a risk of bombing attacks on vessels… Read More

What’s new for global vendors?

All-over-IP Expo 2015: What’s new for global vendors? All-over-IP is delighted to be bringing new highlights for All-over-IP Expo 2015 to make sure global IP technology leaders expand their influen… Read More

Defending the boundaries of your site
Tom Reeve

'Perimeter protection’ conjures images of sites with extensive fencing. However perimeter protection could also mean your doors, windows, and more. Read More

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